The Pudding Smash – Lainey’s 1st year pictures

Our sweet and smiley little girl rocked her first year picture shoot. She was all smiles and even wore her bows. Rather than having a smash cake, we did a smash pudding bowl. She had a little taste of her birthday cake during her party and loved it. But she is not at the point yet where she can put a handful of cake in her mouth. So, I wasn’t going to do anything. And then I thought…pudding! She will grab toys with both hands, bring them up to her mouth and chew on them, but she won’t touch food or try to feed herself yet. So I didn’t know what she would do with the pudding. But at least I wouldn’t have to worry about her choking on it if she did happen to dive it. She didn’t do a jump from the high dive, but she at least stuck her toe in. 🙂

Thank you to Andrea Baer for our amazing pictures!