I’m Shauna – wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, advocate, maker, teacher…what else am I missing?

Just like any other woman, I wear many hats. I try to wear them all the best I can, but most days at least one of them might not fit. The next day I adjust it and try putting it on again. I love many things. Music (listening and making it), sports (playing and watching them) being creative and making things, cooking, traveling when life allows it, an occasional good tv show or movie, and most importantly, I love my family deeply. My husband is my best friend and my children are my heart. I was a teacher that turned into a daycare provider. Then little Lainey came into our lives and now I stay at home with just my kiddos and my sister’s on the days she works. Most days are pure chaos with an occasional load of laundry thrown in. I am learning how to be a mom of a child with Down Syndrome and the best advocate and support for her that I can be. Although many days are crazy, I wouldn’t change a thing about our life.