One Year Old

Our baby girl turned 1 year old. And what a year it has been. An absolute whirlwind. If you would have told me 2 years ago that we would have a baby with Down Syndrome, be in the NICU 2 months, and during that time my mom would have hip surgery, we would almost lose my grandma, Cohen would have a strange allergic reaction that we would never really figure out, I would hemorrhage 16 days after having Lainey, Landry would have hernia surgery, we would go home and have to isolate ourselves to stay away from RSV and Influenza, and then a Pandemic would hit, and Zach would leave his job and start his own…I would have looked at you and said f-off. But here we are!

We have been celebrating our sweet Lainey Dee turning 1 for several days. We had an official birthday party this weekend at our house. And we will celebrate with Zach’s family tomorrow.

Landry was my party planner (she designated that duty herself) and we had a simple night at our house with my family. When Landry turned 1, I thought I had to have a whole big shindig. Funny how things change by the time the third baby turns 1. I used the same streamer on the high chair I made for Landry. And we got balloons. And that was it. We always look forward to the best cake ever on birthdays but she unfortunately was sick, so we made our own. And the kids loved that they got to make her cake.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl. I am so blessed to be your mama. You have changed my life.

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