A Dino-riffic Birthday

My sweet boy turned 4 today. I will never forget the feeling when realizing our newborn baby was a boy. There is something about a mama and her little boy that is just a special connection. He was glued to my hip as a baby and toddler and still loves to sit on my lap. I will let him for as long as he wants! He has the kindest heart. One night while tucking him in to bed I gave him kisses on his cheek and he wiped them away. Or so I thought. When I gave him grief about it he said “Mom! I’m rubbing them IN!

He loves his sisters. Him and Landry are best buds and he will be the best big brother to Lainey. It’s adorable how attached he’s gotten to our golden retriever Desi. Ever since we moved rooms and he now has his own, Desi has to sleep with him. And let’s not forget the dinosaurs. He LOVES dinosaurs.

Desi makes a good pillow while his dinosaur shows.

To say he is slightly obsessed would be an understatement. I am amazed at how knowledgeable he is. When we read his dino books I have to check the facts he rattles off to see if he’s right. He usually is. We had a pretty easy going birthday party with family. And it was, as you can guess, full of dinosaurs. I had an idea to create a dinosaur habitat for him to play with. So with a lot greenery from hobby lobby and many hot glue gun sticks, I was able to pull it off.

To end the day he got to be an archeologist and dig for dinosaur bones. Happy Birthday sweet boy!

One thought on “A Dino-riffic Birthday

  1. So sweet! This so reminds me of my grandson, Thomas at that age and earlier! He was obsessed with dinosaurs, knew all the hard to pronounce names, was drawing them all the time and never tired at looking at and reading books about them. I always wondered where in the world this all came from and I’m sure it was a very curious mind.


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